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Parent Podcast: Developing Parenting for Developing Youngsters

Nellie Harden, from the “6570 Family Project,” describes our parenting role in providing a training ground for our children’s adulthood. 6570 days is the amount of time we have until […]

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Podcast for Parents: Helping Children go Back to School

There isn’t a back to normal as students re-enter classrooms. Students’ experiences during remote learning and being quarantined are different in many ways. The impact of those experiences also differs […]

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Podcast for Parents: How to Keep Kids Motivated Learning At Home

Kimball Lewis, CEO of, shares insights on parents working with student motivation for learning at home. He identifies the need to create a structure that many students find in […]

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Podcast for Parents: Patience for Parents and Learners

Patience is an important parenting, life, and success skill. Examine your continuing development of patience and the importance of and strategies for modelling and teaching patience to your children. More […]

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