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Educational Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence (EI) is being smart about your feelings in the service of your goals. Using your thinking to inform your feelings, using your feelings to inform your thinking, and […]

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Focusing on Accountability

I have been exploring with leaders, ways to gain accountability without supervision. How can we design processes where individuals feel accountable to work on a desired change or goal without […]

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Instructional Coaching: A Valuable Skill Set for School Leaders

Who would gain from adding the skills of instructional coaching to their communication and leadership skill set? How would schools, teachers, and most importantly students gain from having more instructional […]

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What Do Leaders and Teachers Believe About Collective Teacher Efficacy and Teacher Collaboration?

Research has identified that collective teacher efficacy is among the highest influences on student achievement. Teachers who believe in their collective ability to impact student learning can create a more […]

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Leaders Have the Ability to See Those Around Them Rise

          Simon Sinek shared the statement, “Leaders have the ability to see those around them rise” in this short video clip. It struck me as a […]

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Podcast: Jim Knight’s Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching

Jim Knight joins Steve to highlight the seven factors for success in his most recent book on instructional coaching. Jim and Steve’s coaching experiences over the past two plus decades […]

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