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Podcast: Reinvigorating Passion and Joy at the Heart of Teaching

Jason McKenna explores five strategies that can assist teachers in focusing on the joy and passion in teaching: creating a not to do list, embracing periods of unproductivity, redefining success […]

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Podcast for Parents: Promoting Optimal Development Through Joy

Experiencing joy has been described as a tonic for all of us, helping with various ailments and concerns. Joy can be healing and has benefits for children of all ages. […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents Supporting Play

Author, Kindergarten teacher, dance teacher, and parent, Madeleine Rogin, illustrates the impact of play for wellness and learning. Memories of joyful and meaningful play experiences help bind families together emotionally, […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Joyful Teaching – What Are Classrooms Like When Joy Is a Priority?

Hear how this teacher’s joyful mindset resulted in a classroom where student learning excelled. Brittany Cabrera describes why “keeping it simple” is a key to joyfulness. Find Brittany on LinkedIn. […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents Building Joyful Curiosity for Learning

A parent of two, experienced teacher and teacher coach, Brittany Cabrera, shares her experiences and insights on the importance of joy and curiosity in learning. How do we implement simple […]

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