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Walkthrough Feedback in a Coaching Partnership

“Coaching is a relationship between two equals, one of whom is committed to making personal and professional improvements. These improvements may come in the form of wanting to learn new […]

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Professional Learning Conversations

I focused on the phrase “professional learning conversations” while reading an article by Dr. Kristine Needham titled 5 Conversations for Professional Growth. She explores the terms ‘professional conversations’, ‘learning conversations’, […]

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Podcast: Jim Knight’s Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching

Jim Knight joins Steve to highlight the seven factors for success in his most recent book on instructional coaching. Jim and Steve’s coaching experiences over the past two plus decades […]

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Coaches’ Words and Questions

Steve Martin, a co-author of Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, illustrates how words we use can have unexpected impacts. “People consider having to travel north as more […]

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Coaching and Expertise

In a recent article, The Learning Zone / Should Coaches Be Experts?, Jim Knight explores the question, “Do coaches need to be experts to have the biggest impact?” Jim shares, […]

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Podcast: Jim Knight Ponders With Steve About Reframing Mindsets Through Coaching (Part 2)

I had the pleasure to be a presenter at Jim Knight’s TLC21 Conference. Jim joined my session and shared his insights as we explored four different mindsets. In part 2, […]

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