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Supporting Teacher Conversations for Reflection and Growth

Conversations among teachers are critical to driving reflection and conscious practice that produce increases in student success. Instructional coaches and teacher leaders are often tasked with facilitating team or PLC […]

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Another Look at Heavy Coaching

I am looking back to identify some of the writers, presenters, and ideas that have shaped my work. I realize that today, we have many educators who recently or currently […]

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Podcast: Expectations as a Foundation for Coaching Part 1

This podcast is pulled from a presentation/conversation I did with Nicole Turner as part of her Coaching Summit 2023. With a special consideration on those who are newer to their […]

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Podcast: Being a New Leader

Dr. Mark Wilson, a past national principal of the year and a current coach to school leaders, shares insights and strategies from his new book, “What They Didn’t Teach You […]

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Podcast: PLCs as Constellations with Integration

How can “constellation thinking” (Matthew Barzun, “The Power of Giving Away Power”) increase the learning and creativity of school staff who currently are most likely engaged in pyramid thinking? Building […]

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Podcast: How Teachers Can Build Student Led Discussions

“Stop talking so much and make time for inquiry.” That’s the first of the six strategies that Alexis Wiggins and Tracy Hill share from their experiences as teachers and instructional […]

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