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Podcast: Building and Earning Trust as a Coach

As teachers’ relationships with those providing coaching grow from a foundation of trust, teacher vulnerability and risk-taking increase which positively impacts teacher growth. I had an earlier opportunity to explore […]

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Year-End Planning for Learning Goals

My involvement with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) often revolves around establishing learning goals/outcomes for students and collaborating to map out the strategies to achieve those goals. This process inherently incorporates […]

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Coaches Creating Magical Ripples

I was recently engaged in an online conversation with instructional coaches that very quickly reinforced my experiences concerning the lack of common expectations for instructional coaches. Some instructional coaches at […]

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Podcast: Exploring the Why of Instructional Coaching

Simon Senik’s advice to focus communicating the WHY of your organization before the how and what has a direct application to a staff’s understanding of “why” an investment in instructional […]

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Podcasting for Learning – 500 Episodes of The Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast!

Thanks to staff at PLS 3rd Learning and scores of educators and authors, we are celebrating our 500th podcast! We took a few minutes to share our experiences with you. […]

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Instructional Coaching: A Valuable Skill Set for School Leaders

Who would gain from adding the skills of instructional coaching to their communication and leadership skill set? How would schools, teachers, and most importantly students gain from having more instructional […]

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