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The Power of a Coaching Culture in Schools

Creating a coaching culture may require reshaping the way schools operate in order to foster continuous improvement. At its core, a coaching culture in a school embodies a commitment to […]

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The Value of Finding Out: Knowing

Belonging is a critical element of building classrooms and schools that are learning communities. Knowing and being known are keys to a sense of belonging. Teachers cannot create personalized instruction […]

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Podcast: Giving Two Glows and a Grow; Seldom Generates Real Growth

The practice of giving glows and grows, like the feedback sandwich, seldom generates growth and change. Frequently, some similar structure is used to give feedback to teachers following walkthroughs. Self-reflection […]

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Podcast: ”I Don’t Know What I’d Ask a Coach to Focus On?”

How does a coach respond when teachers suggest they don’t have an idea how a coaching observation could support them? Why does everyone deserve a coach’s support for reflection? Reflection […]

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Podcast: The Accountability Mindset

The greatest growth from coaching is likely to occur when the goals from coaching have been set by the coachee. Ownership of the goal increases the commitment to the actions […]

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Podcast for Teachers: When Students Lead

Author, Todd Nesloney, suggests it’s time to think differently about how we prepare and encourage students to grow as leaders. We should equip them with the tools and skills that […]

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