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Peer Observation and Peer Coaching – Defining a Difference

Vulnerability and reflection are keys to continuous teacher growth. Vulnerability requires trust. Expectations can help establish, fulfill, and build that trust. Too often, I find that unclear expectations around roles […]

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Podcast: Leading at All Levels Requires Focusing on the Environment

Just like classroom environment impacts student learning, school environment impacts staff learning and teaching. How does coaching assist teachers in understanding and influencing the environment and conditions that will support […]

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Podcast: Jim Knight Ponders With Steve About Reframing Mindsets Through Coaching (Part 2)

I had the pleasure to be a presenter at Jim Knight’s TLC21 Conference. Jim joined my session and shared his insights as we explored four different mindsets. In part 2, […]

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Podcast: Leaders’ Messages to Teachers in December and January

What are the messages you want to share with teachers as the winter break draws close and as teachers and students return to school in January? Are staff and students […]

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Podcast: Focusing When Things Are Changing

How can coaching assist educators in examining their empowerment to generate increased satisfaction and energy in teaching and learning? This refocus at times rather than a focus on “what has […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Supporting Student Focus for Learning

Building students’ abilities to focus became increasingly important prior to the pandemic and has increased importance as students return to classrooms now and in the fall. Clinical psychologist and director […]

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