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Podcast: Teacher Agency in Professional Development Grows Engagement

Elementary principal, Haley Beavert, created a program trading required mandatory faculty meetings for optional learning opportunities. She identifies the strategy as an example of de-implementation. The program, called “Feed Your […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Identifying and Supporting Students’ Sparks

Sparks are skills, talents, or interests that one finds deeply motivating. Students who get joy and energy from using their sparks and learn valuable life skills from their sparks are […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Scaffolding for Engagement in Complexity

 Acceleration and equity require teachers to provide ALL students with engagement in on grade-level or above, complex learning tasks. Too little or too much scaffolding prevents students from gaining […]

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Podcast for Parents: Conversations and Listening With Tweens

Phyllis Fagell, parent, school counselor, private therapist, and author shares insights for parenting with Tweens (ages 10-14). She combines her personal experiences with research findings to support the engagement of […]

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Podcast for Parents: Motivating Compliance Deeper Engagement

Parent, educator, and author Heather Lyon shares her learning and personal experiences in generating needed compliant responses at home and encouraging deeper engagement in learning at home and beyond.  You […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Motivating Learning – Student Goal Setting

Steve explains how goal setting can give students a picture of the future which can increase motivation and in turn, effort and engagement. Subscribe to the Steve Barkley Ponders Out […]

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