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Encouraging Peer Coaching in 2023

I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as each year ends and a new one begins. For the break, I pull some past blogs and podcasts […]

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Noise, Grades, and Evaluations

I had another one of those connecting insights moments while on my daily walk, listening to a podcast. I had been in a conversation earlier in the week with a […]

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We Are In This Together

The title for this blog emerged when I listened to a Future Ready podcast with Superintendent Matt Miller from Lakota Local School District, Liberty Township, Ohio. Matt started and ended […]

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Supporting Parents Supporting Learners

As many educators are, I am currently engaged in deep reflection concerning what we have practiced, implemented, discovered, and created during the closure of our school buildings that shouldn’t be […]

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A Time to Be Really Listening

Listening has always been a critical skill for effective coaching. I’ve connected it with questioning skills. Too often when coaches are conscious of questioning, they can get too focused on […]

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Promoting Reflection for Educator Learning

The Lifelong Learning UK Standards make clear, reflection is a core component of effective continuing professional development (CPD) and key to becoming a skilled teacher. (Benefits of Encouraging Teacher Self […]

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