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Athletes and Coaches: Learners and Teachers

Throughout my many years studying teaching and learning and the coaching of teachers, I have frequently looked to the performing arts and athletic fields in search of insights. I recently reviewed a paper titled The Coach-Athlete Relationship and pulled some elements for my continued pondering. Intrinsic motivation and self-determined extrinsic motivation The phrase self-determined extrinsic motivation […]

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Podcast: Examining the Designs of Professional Growth Plans

After presenting critical elements of effective Professional Growth Plans, Steve often provides leadership teams with a series of questions to facilitate their decision-making around a process for their school. This podcast focuses on those follow up questions and Steve’s thinking around one team’s responses. You can find more about critical elements of PGPs including the […]

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Conscious Coaching Decisions

As I read various descriptions of different coaching practices, I value building multiple ways to process the decision-making that coaches perform on the spot as a coaching conversation unfolds. In an earlier blog, I described the Barkley Model of coaching as not being a model. “I’m sometimes asked ‘What is the Barkley Model of coaching?’ […]

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