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“When Calling Parents Isn’t Your Calling; A Teacher’s Guide to Communicating With Parents” (Guest Blogger Crystal Frommert)

I have had the opportunity to record a couple of podcasts with Crystal Frommert and to read an early copy of her book on communicating with parents. Crystal writes from […]

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Podcast for Parents: Communicating With Your Youngster’s Teachers

Parent, teacher, and author Crystal Frommert, shares her thoughts on building the parent/teacher partnership from the parents’ perspective. That partnership is important to maximize a student’s success in school. When […]

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Podcast: Switching Students’ Focus From Grades to Learning

Many teachers get frustrated with students’ questions such as, “Does this count in my grade?” or “What can I do for extra credit?” Middle school math teacher, Crystal Frommert, shares […]

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Podcast: Instructional Coaching Experience Prior to Entering Administrative Positions

Increasingly today, many educators are moving from an instructional coaching role to administrative positions at the school and district level. Crystal Frommert, a current middle school instructional coach who will […]

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Why Reach Out for Coaching?

Crystal Frommert, a middle school instructional coach, recently shared,” Coaches can do a lot to help even veteran teachers improve, especially when teachers know what kinds of support they’re looking […]

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