Cory Camp - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Broadening Coaching Opportunities to Increase Teacher Reflection

As John Dewey stated, “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” This is as true for educators as it is for our students. I was […]

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Podcast: Increasing Teacher and Student Success With Goals

Cory Camp, the director of professional development for Sibme, joins Steve in exploring how instructional coaches can use goal setting to guide teachers’ continuous improvement. They explore how evidence and […]

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Podcast: Mindsets to Explore for the Start of School (Part II)

Steve and Cory Camp from SIBME Coach Replay, discuss how a focus on longer term thinking as we approach teaching and learning may better serve our students. They examine what […]

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Podcast: Mindsets to Explore for the Start of School (Part I)

Mindsets influence both conscious and unconscious behaviors we as educators put into practice. In part one of this series, Cory Camp from SIBME Coach Replay joins me to explore how […]

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Podcast: Challenging Teacher Growth in the Spring Semester

Steve joins Cory Camp on The Coach Replay Show to explore how instructional coaching will be impacted by COVID-19 for the remainder of the school year. They discuss how creating […]

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Special Event: Steve Barkley To Be Featured on The Coach Replay Show

On Friday December 18, 2020, at 12:00 PM Central Time, Steve Barkley will join Cory Camp for a special episode of the Coach Replay Show. This weekly web-show hosted by […]

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