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How Might a Coach Respond?

While facilitating a group of coaches, I explored the role of using empathy statements and supporting statements to respond to teacher statements that coaches might describe as “challenging.” Teacher: “The […]

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Paraphrasing and the Power of “You”

In The Leader’s Guide to Coaching in Schools, John Campbell and Christian van Nieuwerburgh, share key coaching skills; several of which I think closely connect to listening skills. Being Present […]

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A Time to Be Really Listening

Listening has always been a critical skill for effective coaching. I’ve connected it with questioning skills. Too often when coaches are conscious of questioning, they can get too focused on […]

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Podcast: Paraphrasing to Build Communication in Coaching

In this week’s episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve looks at using confirmatory paraphrasing as a strategy to build communication in coaching. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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Coaches’ Listening Skills

Having an opportunity recently to coach coaches renewed my understanding of the need to slow down and listen effectively as a coach. I believe that often a coach’s desire to […]

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