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Year-End Planning for Learning Goals

My involvement with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) often revolves around establishing learning goals/outcomes for students and collaborating to map out the strategies to achieve those goals. This process inherently incorporates […]

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Is the WHY of Instructional Coaching Being Communicated?

As I was assisting a high school leadership team in the midst of initiating some instructional coaching opportunities with their staff, I uncovered the need to explore if the WHY […]

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Podcast: Communicating Interest and Positiveness in Coaching

Just as teachers use a focus on communicating interest and positiveness to inspire, motivate, and foster a positive learning classroom environment, coaches need to communicate the same with their coachees. […]

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Podcast: The Power of Rapport

“If a leader wants to be seen as trustworthy, he or she needs to build a connection through rapport”, shares Mike Gilmour, elementary principal, and the author of “The Power […]

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Podcast: Being a New Leader

Dr. Mark Wilson, a past national principal of the year and a current coach to school leaders, shares insights and strategies from his new book, “What They Didn’t Teach You […]

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Podcast for Parents: Conversations and Listening With Tweens

Phyllis Fagell, parent, school counselor, private therapist, and author shares insights for parenting with Tweens (ages 10-14). She combines her personal experiences with research findings to support the engagement of […]

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