colleen cruz - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Teachers: Creating a Classroom Where Students Learn From Mistakes

The author of Risk. Fail. Rise… A Teacher’s Guide to Learning from Mistakes, Colleen Cruz, describes why we want to create “a mistake welcoming school.” What mistakes do we frequently make when responding to learners’ mistakes? How can teachers reflect out loud on our mistakes as a model for students. Read “Risk. Fail. Rise.” here.  […]

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Podcast: Coaching Teachers Around Their Mistakes

Colleen Cruz, the Director of Innovation for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and the author of, “Risk. Fail. Rise. A Teacher’s Guide to Learning From Mistakes,” shares insights on learning and mistakes. She identifies how leaders and coaches model their use of their mistakes for learning and points to the needed relationships that […]

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Podcast for Parents: Teaching Our Children to Learn From Mistakes and Minimize Mistakes

Author, Colleen Cruz, presents a clear strategy for dealing with our parenting mistakes and our children’s mistakes.  She and Steve explore and laugh about the mistakes we all make while parenting and how we can coach our own continuous development. Find Colleen’s book, “Risk. Fail. Rise” here. Visit Colleen’s website here. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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