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Podcast for Teachers: Smart Moves for Learning

What are researchers finding out about the natural collaboration of the thinking brain and the moving body? How can teachers use this knowledge to maximize learning opportunities for all students. […]

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Podcast: Mindsets to Explore for the Start of School (Part I)

Mindsets influence both conscious and unconscious behaviors we as educators put into practice. In part one of this series, Cory Camp from SIBME Coach Replay joins me to explore how […]

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Leadership’s Conscious Focus: Collaboration, Creativity and Culture

Cathy Merrill, a chief executive of Washingtonian Media, provided an opinion piece in the Washington Post titled, As a CEO, I worry about the erosion of office culture with more […]

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Collaboration Skills

I read with great interest a white paper titled, Skills for Today: What We Know about Teaching and Assessing Collaboration.   As a teacher in the 70’s, I approached many lesson […]

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