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Podcast: Supporting Teacher Leaders

How do teacher leaders work to build a coaching culture in a school? They should be the most coached teachers in the school. Steve responds to these questions from teacher […]

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Emerging and Sustaining a Coaching Culture

I was interviewed on this topic by Jonathan Mueller and Scott Linder for the BabblED podcast. They initially asked me for my personal experiences that speak to the power of […]

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A Mentoring and Coaching Culture

Whenever I have been part of a mentor training program, I have suggested that the job of a mentor should be to mentor the system because everyone in the school […]

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A Culture of Coaching (Part 2)

My previous blog ended with this paragraph: It’s important that principals’ work with instructional coaches to extend the coaching culture in a school. That culture increases the impact that the […]

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A Culture of Coaching (Part 1)

The first book that I wrote about coaching was titled, Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching. The title was purposeful as I wanted to communicate that coaching was not […]

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