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Podcast: Coaching the Process of Learning Rather Than the “Right” Answer or Performance

Dr. Maleka Donaldson shares how school leaders can either encourage or discourage teachers from taking new risks and learning from mistakes. What coaching conversations should occur to uncover teachers’ beliefs, […]

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Coaching Conversations Uncovering Teachers’ Agendas

Coaching conversations, where the teacher’s agenda emerges and develops over time, increase understanding, build trust, and promote vulnerability and risk-taking. The teacher’s agenda includes the beliefs, values, and thinking behind […]

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Podcast: Questioning Skills in Coaching

Steve explores three areas of questioning to guide coaching conversations: Finding out and Knowing, Reflection, and Exploring Future Actions. Examples used in pre and post conferencing are included. Subscribe to […]

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Podcast: Conferencing to Set the Stage for Coaching Conversations

Creating a conversational tone in coaching conferences helps communicate a peer to peer process that encourages teacher reflection. Open questions are helpful in setting this tone. Steve defines how open […]

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