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Podcast for Teachers: Maximizing Co-Teaching for Student Success

Co-teaching teams provide benefits to teachers as they collaborate to maximize personalized learning for their students. Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, experienced co-teacher and researcher, joins Steve to explore the challenges of building from I/My to We/Our. Visit Dr. Honigsfeld’s website here. Email Dr. Honigsfeld: Find Dr. Honigsfeld on Twitter: @AndreaHonigsfel PODCAST TRANSCRIPTSteve [Intro]: 00:00 Hello, […]

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Podcast: Coaching Co-teaching Teams

Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, a researcher and consultant with co-teaching experience and expertise, joins Steve to explore how instructional coaches and administrators can support co-teaching teams. Her analogy of co-teaching teams as an arranged marriage generates interesting reflections on the need to build developmental relationships. Visit Dr. Honigsfeld’s website here. Contact Dr. Honigsfeld: Find Dr. […]

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