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Podcast: Introduce Students to Hypotheses as Part of Goal Setting Practice

Goal setting can help with classroom management and academic performance. It allows students to become more aware of expectations and concrete methods to achieve an outcome.  How might students forming […]

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Podcast for Teachers: A Highly Experienced Teacher’s Thoughts on Classroom Management

Tim Seller, an educator with five decades of experience, shares his current practices as a middle school math teacher. Tim has a curriculum for his classroom management as well as […]

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What do students learn from school and classroom management practices?

Watching a video presentation by Dr. Carla Shalaby, I was introduced to the concept of a classroom management curriculum. Dr. Shalaby is the coordinator of social justice initiatives and community […]

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Podcast: Coaching the Curriculum of Classroom Management

Students are watching and interpreting each move and decision we make.  So in effect, our classroom management approach is a curriculum. “What are students learning from your classroom management?” is […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Consistent & Flexible Classroom Management

In this week’s episode of the Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud podcast, Steve looks at how consistency and flexibility in the classroom can lead to enhanced student learning. Subscribe to […]

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Coaching Classroom Management: Consistent and Flexible

Consistency and flexibility are observable in outstanding teachers’ classrooms. Students know what to expect from the teacher. There is a calmness generated from consistent expectations that the teacher has for […]

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