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Coaching and Deliberate Curiosity

Consider this research finding: 83% of executives say they encourage curiosity and only 52% of employees agree. Why is that a concern? The same studies found that… …curiosity helps employees […]

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Teachers’ Expectations of Coaching

I recently posted this statement on Twitter and received more likes and retweets than my posts generally receive: Teachers engaging in peer or instructional coaching isn’t adding to their plates. […]

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Designing Learning for Complexity and Difficulty

Student learning production behaviors have been the focus of my coaching for many years. Knowing what we want students to gain as learning outcomes, drives us to identify what students […]

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Coaches’ Words and Questions

Steve Martin, a co-author of Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion, illustrates how words we use can have unexpected impacts. “People consider having to travel north as more […]

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Planning Questions for Coaching Conferencing and PLC Facilitation

I presented a session for instructional coaches looking to sharpen their questioning skills for conferencing and facilitating along with the deepening an understanding for coaching teachers on their use of […]

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Coaching and Trust

I had the opportunity to be a keynoter for the online Coaching Summit 2019 sponsored by Nicole Turner at Simply Coaching. My presentation, Respecting Teachers’ Goals and Values, was followed […]

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