Instructional Coaching Micro-Credential | Steve Barkley

Instructional Coaching Micro-Credential

The Instructional Coaching micro-credential available through PLS 3rd Learning’s Academy for Educators includes five online modules framed around the work of Steve Barkley. With access to essential elements of instructional coaching, participants will be prepared for teaching and leading in 21st century learning communities. Each module is fully facilitated by an expert online instructor who provides frequent and meaningful feedback to participants.


To earn the micro-credential, participants are required to complete 4 of the 5 modules described below, choosing 1A or 1B based on their level of experience. Each module is self-paced, and requires 10 contact hours. Please note: modules can also be taken individually.

Module 1A: Instructional Coaching – The Basics

Explore the fundamentals for sustaining a successful coaching program. Represent the coach’s role to staff, build trusting relationships, participate in ongoing training, garner support from administrators, and provide confidential non-evaluative job embedded PD to teachers.

Module 1B: Instructional Coaching – Culture & Process Refresher

Learn how adept coaches encourage teachers to improve their practice. Learn how to ask open-ended questions, actively listen, and make follow-up inquiries to help teachers explore options and consider solutions.

Module 2: Instructional Coaching – Essential Communication Skills

Examine and implement effective verbal and nonverbal communication to improve your leadership, communication, listening, positive thinking, and support. Focus on the conferencing and facilitation skills of competent coaches. Examine confidentially agreements among coaches, teachers, and principals.

Module 3: Instructional Coaching – Essential Coaching Processes

Identify the four types of coaching (technical, challenge, collegial, and cognitive) and determine how they are fundamental to an effective coaching process. Prepare to respond to unique situations inherent in changing practice.

Module 4: Instructional Coaching – Essential Questions for Life

Establish a clear direction and identify your audience to determine what types of questions to ask and to whom. Explore the various forms of questioning that leads others to become proficient questioners in their own right, and as a result, become more responsive to student needs.

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