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Podcast for Parents: Conversations With Learners as the New School Year Begins

As this school year begins with unknowns and different learning settings, some conversations with your children can better prepare them to be resilient in these situations. Consider the responses you might use as children share some worries or concerns. What strategies can you model to build resilience? How to Talk to Your Kids About the […]

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The Letting Go Paradox in Leading and Teaching

A blog post, The Art of Letting Go, by Randy Hall (4th Gear Consulting) led me to consider the need for letting go in school leadership as well as in teaching (maybe in parenting too). Hall wrote, “The interesting paradox of leadership is that a great leader helps people need less leadership from others.” He […]

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Podcast: Hypothesize With Leadership Teams

In this podcast Steve shares an example of his process for facilitating a leadership team’s identification of hypotheses underlying their team goals. These hypotheses then guide the formation of leadership plans and future decision making. Sharing the hypotheses with staff creates a form of transparency, requiring continuous leadership actions that are aligned. Read “Why Hypotheses […]

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New Workshop: Virtual Learning and Coaching with Steve Barkley

Steve Barkley has teamed up with ESC Region 13 in Texas to bring you a personalized learning and coaching course that will help improve your coaching and take your skills to the next level. In this self-paced online course, you’ll work through your ideal instructional coaching module with a dedicated facilitator. You’ll also get one-on-one […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Rough Draft Math

Dr. Amanda Jansen, the author of Rough Draft Math, shares her insights and specific strategies for creating increased student dialogue, thinking, and engagement in math classrooms. What are the benefits of students beginning with the concept of producing a rough draft rather than a finished math answer? View Dr. Jansen’s website here. Find Dr. Jansen […]

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Impacting Student Motivation in Virtual, Face-to-Face, or Hybrid Instruction

In a substantial overview of student motivation, “Using motivation theories to maximize motivation and outcomes sustainably in school,” Mark Gould identifies 13 elements of teacher relationships and classroom climate that support high quality motivation. I have selected several to explore in this blog that should be considered whether the school year is beginning virtually, in […]

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