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Virtual Coaching: A Look Back and Ahead

As schools begin engaging in teaching and learning in 2021, some teachers will be totally online, some back in school with masks and distancing guidelines and other in a hybrid model with various designs of teaching face-to-face and virtual. Instructional coaches and school leaders will be supporting teachers in similar blended levels of connectedness. I […]

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Taking Time for Reflection

I hope this time of year, with a break from school, provides you with time for rest, reflection, and renewal as a new year begins. This past year has been one of many different experiences for all of us. Reflection is key to gaining learning, insights, and new practices from those experiences. Here are blogs […]

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Encouraging Vulnerability: Permission to Screw-up

Based on a recommendation from Simon Sinek, I have been reading Permission to Screw-up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong by Kristen Hadeed, who is the founder and CEO of Student Maid. Hadeed began cleaning some homes as a college student who wanted a pair of jeans that her parents had […]

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Podcast: Exploring the Many Faces of Coaching

 On this podcast, Steve is interviewed by Michael Iannini, the coordinator of PD for ACAMIS, the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools.  They explore the many faces of coaching as a preliminary conversation to Steve’s facilitation of Personalized Coaching for ACAMIS schools. Learn about personalized coaching from ACAMIS here. Subscribe to the Steve […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents & Homework

Dr. Cathy Vatterott, The Homework Lady, tells how she started a 20 year career researching the impacts of homework when her own child learned in a different way from what assignments his teacher provided. She shares myths about homework and gives guidelines for parents including suggestions regarding communicating with teachers about your child’s homework impacts. […]

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Teacher Resilience and Teacher Collaboration

I recently facilitated an exploration of teacher resilience and its connections to teacher collaboration. Here are some of the elements I included that might be of value in your own exploration or in conversations you facilitate with your staff. This two- minute children’s video provides a quick understanding that resilience is not about not falling […]

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