Looking Ahead with Words from the Past Year | Steve Barkley

Looking Ahead with Words from the Past Year

Each year as the calendar turns from December to January, I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as I do the other 50 weeks of the year and share some thoughts from the past that I think are worthy of reflection. Hope you are finding some refreshing and reflecting moments these days.

I turned to the topic of fun, play, and love of learning as I read the following by Peter Dewitt as he shared 11 Critical Issues Facing Educators in 2023 from Education Week.

“A love for learning – I know this sounds hokey, but it’s not. There are countless teachers, leaders, and staff trying to inspire a love for learning for themselves and their students. Too often, education is seen as a system of compliance rather than an institution of inspiration and creativity. We need to change that in 2023.”

Here are some blogs and podcasts to consider.

Blog- Planning for Fun in Teaching and Learning

Look to bring increased tinkering, experimenting, exploring, and risk-taking into the school experience for students and staff.

Podcast- Creating Environments and Time for Play

“I think it is important for older students to see their teachers have retained passion, curiosity, and excitement, it is very childlike.” (Madeleine Rogin)

Blog- The Learning and Teaching Environment

“Anything that a leader can do to energize teachers and to bring enthusiasm to their work and appreciation is worth it. In some ways, every meeting is an opportunity to uplift the staff.” (Dr. Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin)

Podcast- Joyful Teaching: What Are Classrooms Like When Joy is a Priority

Brittany Cabrera describes why “keeping it simple” is a key to joyfulness.

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