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Encouraging Peer Coaching in 2023

I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as each year ends and a new one begins. For the break, I pull some past blogs and podcasts that I think are worth another look or listen. Hope you are finding some refreshing and reflecting moments these days. I’ll be back to writing and recording next week.

I decided to revisit peer coaching after hearing from a school leadership team that is planning to reinforce the topic with their staff as they start back with a staff professional learning day.

A group of teacher and administrator leaders will guide the activity beginning with these reminders.

What do Peer Coaches do? What is the role of a Peer Coach?

  • Peer Coaches are NOT mentors or experts.
  • They are NOT evaluating their peer
  • They are good listeners and ask probing questions
  • Peer Coaches focus on what the coachee identifies and wants feedback on. They are data collectors/ an extra set of eyes for the teacher.
  • A pre-conference is crucial for peer coaching. What do you want the coach to provide feedback on?
  • A peer coaching session is rarely a full period. It can and should be as short or long as needed
  • Coaching is assisting someone who is already able. It acknowledges the coachee’s capabilities.
  • Mentoring focuses on what the mentor knows. Coaching is solely focused on what the coachee wants to know, accomplish, or improve.

You and Me - Partnership BalanceFor your reflection:

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