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Teaming and Shared Workflow

In his book, “Triage Your School: A Physician’s Guide to Preventing Burnout,” Dr. Chris Jenson provides specific actions school leaders and coaches can take to address the elements of chronic […]

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Podcast: Building Teacher Growth Plans That Impact Student Success

Tammy Jochinke, Head of Teaching, Learning and Innovation at the Dubai American Academy, created a process for 240 teachers to design professional growth plans based on a hypothesis from asking […]

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A Lesson on Coaching Questions from ChatGPT

Very, very early in my initial work with coaching I zeroed in on the need to focus on the kinds of questions one asks as a coach. My first work […]

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Podcast: Students Setting Goals and Developing Plans

Students’ abilities to set goals, plan for success, and systematically collect feedback are critical to school and life success. Starting the school year teaching these processes (at all grade levels) […]

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Balancing Complexity and Simplicity: The Coaching Challenge

Throughout my years working as a staff developer and coach to teachers and administrators, I have emphasized the importance of supporting educators by simplifying complex concepts while still respecting their […]

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Podcast: Coaching From the School Improvement Plan

Dr. Karen Johannesen, a highly experienced school leader, writer, and organizational change consultant explores the role of professional development and coaching in school improvement plans that positively impact student success. […]

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