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A Wow Experience

Many of you have been in presentations where I have shared my thinking on the power of WOW or read my book, Wow… Adding Pizza to Teaching and Learning. I wrote that book because so many teachers shared their experiences with wowing students and administrators shared how they wow their staffs. I love watching the faces as folks describe the wow experience that they provided. It often appears that they receive a wow from watching a class or staff experience the wow.

The following letter from Judith Elmore, a reading teacher in Fairfax County, VA , reminded me of how contagious WOW experiences can be.

Dear Stephen,

I just got back from taking my younger daughter to look at High Point University in High Point, NC, and I had to share our experience! From the personalized parking space (Welcome to Catherine Elmore, Virginia in lights!) to the tour in golf carts with blankets, past the kiosks where the students can pick up snacks and drinks between classes, to the refurbished and new dorms with free laundry facilities, to the concierge desk (handles dry-cleaning and wake-up calls), past the Starbucks, the hammocks, the flat screen TVs in every lounge, the study rooms with AV equipment, the live music each day at lunch, to the President’s Office where he came out to chat with the tour group (as he does with every tour group…) which is across the hall from the Office of WOW…we were WOW’ed for sure! I’m attaching two articles you might enjoy!

See you in March at our meeting!

Judi Elmore
Reading Teacher
Woodley Hills Elementary School

Check out the articles Judi sent!

High Point University Hires Director of ‘WOW!’

Roger Clodfelter, Director of WOW

HPU Featured in New Book on Customer Service


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  1. Deborah Says:

    I really enjoyed reading and learning about the power of WOW. There were so many great ideas. However, how about some of those great WOW’s for the pre kindergarten classrooms. I would like to hear some unique ideas.

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