May 2024 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Building and Earning Trust as a Coach

As teachers’ relationships with those providing coaching grow from a foundation of trust, teacher vulnerability and risk-taking increase which positively impacts teacher growth. I had an earlier opportunity to explore […]

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Educational Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence (EI) is being smart about your feelings in the service of your goals. Using your thinking to inform your feelings, using your feelings to inform your thinking, and […]

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Podcast: Addressing Educator Burnout – Self Care in Not Enough

In his book, “Triage Your School: A Physician’s Guide to Preventing Burnout,” Dr. Chris Jenson provides specific actions school leaders and coaches can take to address the elements of chronic […]

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Podcast: Teachers Building Students’ SEL Skills

The author of “Teaching with the HEART in Mind,”  Dr. Lorea Martínez, who was a special education teacher and school administrator and worked with children and adults internationally, provides reinforcement […]

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Year-End Planning for Learning Goals

My involvement with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) often revolves around establishing learning goals/outcomes for students and collaborating to map out the strategies to achieve those goals. This process inherently incorporates […]

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Podcast: Focusing on Accountability

Accountability is a broader concept than responsibility – it’s something you do to yourself, not something that someone does to you.  A focus on responsibility can create attitudes where people […]

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