April 2024 - Steve Barkley

Focusing on Accountability

I have been exploring with leaders, ways to gain accountability without supervision. How can we design processes where individuals feel accountable to work on a desired change or goal without […]

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Podcast: Exploring the Why of Instructional Coaching

Simon Senik’s advice to focus communicating the WHY of your organization before the how and what has a direct application to a staff’s understanding of “why” an investment in instructional […]

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Podcast for Teachers & Coaches: Agile Classrooms for Student and Teacher Empowerment

Agile Classrooms provide for student-centered learning, collaboration, iteration, continuous feedback, and adaptability. Experienced teacher and Agile coach, Jessica Cavallaro, describes how Agile revolutionized her teaching practice and shares how teachers […]

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Does Your School Leadership Have a Focus on Collective Responsibility?

I have a long history of stating that teaching is a team sport and needs to be a public act with colleagues. My use of the word team is to […]

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Podcast: Another Look At Educator Beliefs and Behaviors

“Stop Saying ‘These Kids Don’t Care About School’.” That’s the title of an op-ed piece written by podcast guest Laurie Putnam, superintendent in St Cloud, MN. Laurie identifies how this […]

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Educators Exploring the Impact of Our Beliefs

“Our beliefs drive our behaviors.” That’s a statement that Kyle Coppes featured in an article titled “Student Laziness Is a Myth, Here’s Why.”  Coppes reminded me how our beliefs, often […]

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