March 2024 - Steve Barkley

Facilitating Productive Conflict

Years back, I recall having a principal tell me about one of the most successful PLCs in his school. One of his descriptions was that you could at times hear […]

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Podcast: Tech Tools and Student Engagement

Heather Lyon, the author of, “Engagement is Not a Unicorn, It’s a Narwahl” and “The Big Book of Engagement Strategies,” shares her insights on student engagement and teacher strategies from […]

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Is the WHY of Instructional Coaching Being Communicated?

As I was assisting a high school leadership team in the midst of initiating some instructional coaching opportunities with their staff, I uncovered the need to explore if the WHY […]

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Podcast: Communicating Interest and Positiveness in Coaching

Just as teachers use a focus on communicating interest and positiveness to inspire, motivate, and foster a positive learning classroom environment, coaches need to communicate the same with their coachees. […]

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Podcast: Supporting Your Child as a Learner

With many years of experience as a Success Coach supporting the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged students, Liz Keable provides concrete “do and don’t do” guidance for parents and caretakers.  […]

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Help Celebrate 500 Episodes of The Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast!

We are preparing to celebrate reaching 500 episodes of Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud Podcast! We are looking for some regular listeners who would be interested in joining Steve on […]

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