January 2024 - Steve Barkley

Leaders Have the Ability to See Those Around Them Rise

          Simon Sinek shared the statement, “Leaders have the ability to see those around them rise” in this short video clip. It struck me as a […]

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Podcast: Supporting Teachers’ Exploration of AI for Teaching and Learning

School leaders’ own engagement and modeling of AI is important to support teachers in successfully initiating AI opportunities for teaching and learning. How can instructional coaches introduce and model AI […]

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Podcast: How Much Thinking Are Students Doing?

                            Thinkers are characterized by their curiosity, willingness to explore different approaches, and the ability to think […]

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Leadership and Rapport

Rapport refers to a harmonious and empathetic relationship or connection between people. It involves mutual understanding, trust, and a feeling of ease or comfort in interactions. Rapport is characterized by […]

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Podcast: The Path for Women in School Leadership

Kim Cofino, the author of, “Finding Your Path As a Woman in School Leadership: A Guide for Educators, Allies, and Advocates,” shares insights from interviews she conducted with over 70 […]

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The Power of a Coaching Culture in Schools

Creating a coaching culture may require reshaping the way schools operate in order to foster continuous improvement. At its core, a coaching culture in a school embodies a commitment to […]

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