December 2023 - Steve Barkley

Reflecting on Your Coaching Approach

I use the last and first weeks of the year to break from writing a new blog and look to provide some previous work that can encourage reflection. I pulled […]

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The Early Days of Building Coaching Practices

At each end and start of the calendar year, I take a break from posting a new blog and provide a revisit to some of my thinking that has appeared […]

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Learning and Coaching from Positive Deviants

Do you have teachers who continually have students perform substantially above the students working with other teachers; academically, socially, or emotionally? Those teachers might be identified as positive deviants. These […]

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Podcast: We Need Professional Development Around Grading

Author, teacher, and education policy doctoral candidate, Sarah Morris, explores the research around teachers’ grading decisions. Many teachers have received little if any professional development that produces reflection on the […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Prompting Students to Sketch to Learn

Biology and Earth Science teacher and author, Wendi Pillars, provides a look at the power of sketching in teaching and learning. Sketching provides an opportunity for students to engage with […]

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Extending Teachers’ and Students’ Connections Beyond a Single Year

An article by Adam Grant in the New York Times, “What Most American Schools Do Wrong,” connected with a podcast that I had recorded earlier with Andrew Hill, who along […]

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