July 2023 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: What Are Teachers Experiencing in PLCs?

If you did walkthrough observations of PLC sessions in your school, what would you hear and see? To what extent does the learning environment for teacher during PLCs mirror the […]

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Podcast: How Teachers Can Build Student Led Discussions

“Stop talking so much and make time for inquiry.” That’s the first of the six strategies that Alexis Wiggins and Tracy Hill share from their experiences as teachers and instructional […]

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The Value of Finding Out: Knowing

Belonging is a critical element of building classrooms and schools that are learning communities. Knowing and being known are keys to a sense of belonging. Teachers cannot create personalized instruction […]

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Podcast: Instructional Coaching Impact

Donna Spangler, a past chair of district level coaches, describes the need for coaches to develop strategies to gather input that assesses the effectiveness of their coaching program. The collection […]

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Coaching Around Teachers’ Satisfactions

Many years back, in a graduate level course for teachers that I taught, we explored tapping into students’ satisfactions as a way of building community and engagement. I facilitated an […]

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Podcast: A Skill We All Need – Improving

George Wright, management consultant, explores why focusing on continuous improvement is a critical leadership purpose; improvement for your self and creating the needed support for your staff’s growth. He identifies […]

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