April 2023 - Steve Barkley

Building Feedback Literacy

Feedback literacy is the ability to effectively receive, interpret, and respond to feedback. It involves understanding the purpose of feedback, identifying the key points, and using the information to improve […]

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Podcast: Coaches Encouraging Teachers to Use Student-Led Discussions

With the right strategies, educators can support student-led discussions that foster deep critical thinking and empathy. Student-led discussions can build students’ skills in analytical thinking and innovation; complex problem-solving; creativity, […]

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Podcast: Independent Risky Play is Important

Parents often receive messages about the dangers that might befall unsupervised children and the value of high achievement in school. They too seldom hear messages that if children are to […]

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Teachers’ Goals and Teacher Growth

A recent blog by Dave Stuart led to my reflection on teachers’ goal setting as a component of teacher growth and instructional coaching. Stuart’s blog Does Goal Setting Help or […]

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Podcast: What Are You Seeing Students Doing

“Are we giving students answers to questions they haven’t asked and solutions to problems they have never encountered?” Author and consultant with an expertise in blended learning options, Catlin Tucker, […]

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Fear Of Finding Out

A long-time colleague of mine sent me a LinkedIn post from Joshua Freedman, the CEO of 6 Seconds, with a note saying, “I’ll bet you can use this.” He was […]

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