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Podcast: Leadership in the Classroom and Beyond

The author of “Leading Beyond Your Title: Creating Change in School from Any Role,” Nili Bartley, shares reasons and strategies for generating leadership opportunities for students to lead. She identifies […]

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Growth Mindset and Intellectual Risk-taking in Coaching

A Kappan article, Growth mindset and intellectual risk-taking: Disentangling conflated concepts by Shelby Clark and Madora Soutter caused me to ponder how coaches promote growth mindset and intellectual risk-taking. Clark […]

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Podcast: Supporting Teacher Leaders

How do teacher leaders work to build a coaching culture in a school? They should be the most coached teachers in the school. Steve responds to these questions from teacher […]

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Could AI ChatGPT Lead to Better Student Learning Tasks?

Blogs and podcasts about ChatGPT are a constant in feeds on my computer each day. I am expecting that soon, if not already, instructional coaches, administrators, and teacher leaders will […]

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Podcast: Encouraging Teachers to Teach with Big Concepts

Using science teaching and learning as an example, Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton illustrates the importance of exploring big concepts and connected systems with students. She shares her work with colleagues, designing […]

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