March 2023 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Continuous Teacher Growth

Director of Learning at American Community School of Abu Dhabi, Dr. Jen Ricks, explores the changes in moving from a focus on a teacher performance appraisal system to a professional […]

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Podcast: What to Look For in Your Kids’ Coaches

Volunteer and paid coaches connecting with your children can play an important role in developing important life skills as well as performing skills. Five elements of building developmental relationships and […]

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Listening and Supporting During Change

I am working with a group of teacher leaders who are in the midst of a school year coming toward a close while a number of changes are unfolding as […]

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Podcast: Traits of Effective Teams and Team Members

Just as instructional coaches need specific skills and mindsets to be an effective coach, teachers need specific skills and mindsets to gain from being coached. Similarly, team facilitators need important […]

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Building Coachability

It’s rather clear to most people that in order to be an effective coach one needs an appropriate mindset for investing in the growth of others and a set of […]

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Podcast: Coaching Generating Reflection Generating Growth

“If you don’t question what your experiences mean and think actively about them on an on-going basis, the evidence shows you are unlikely to improve.” – Alexandra Spalding Using the […]

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