February 2023 - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Parents: Learning to Learn From Mistakes

Dr. Maleka Donaldson, parent, teacher, education professor and author of “From Oops to Aha: Portraits of Learning From Mistakes in Kindergarten,” shares her vast experiences for parents’ consideration. Children at […]

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Some Coaching Questions from Teacher Leaders

I frequently work with teachers who serve as heads of departments or team leaders. Sometimes, identified as middle level leaders. Often my focus is on creating a coaching culture among […]

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Podcast: Encouraging Teachers to Teach More by Micro-Managing Less

Miriam Plotinsky, the author of “Teach More Hover Less: How to Stop Micromanaging Your Secondary Classroom,” identifies that students need to be empowered to take ownership of their learning in […]

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Teaching Students to Use Think Time (Educators too)

Many years back I studied, what at that time, was called wait time, sometimes pause time, and I looked to implement it in my own classroom when questioning students. I […]

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Podcast: Responsibility for Improving Student Outcomes – From The Boardroom to the Classroom

AJ Crabill, the director of governance for the Council of Great City Schools and the conservator for Desoto ISD in Texas, explores the need for district alignment on continuous improvement […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Taking Learning Deep and Broad

“Students are not like Lego sets; collecting small bits of knowledge and eventually building a bigger picture understanding.” Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton describes the reasons for engaging students in learning activities […]

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