January 2023 - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Teachers: A Highly Experienced Teacher’s Thoughts on Classroom Management

Tim Seller, an educator with five decades of experience, shares his current practices as a middle school math teacher. Tim has a curriculum for his classroom management as well as […]

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Leading With a Future Focus

In a video for AASA, (The School Superintendents Association) Ray McNulty describes the difference between being forward focused and being future focused. He describes that often schools work with a […]

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Podcast: Increasing Teacher and Student Success With Goals

Cory Camp, the director of professional development for Sibme, joins Steve in exploring how instructional coaches can use goal setting to guide teachers’ continuous improvement. They explore how evidence and […]

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Coaching to Extend Professional Learning

In an earlier blog, I shared results from the Research Partnership for Professional Learning, Building Better Professional Learning: How to Strengthen Teacher Learning. It described the importance of effective professional […]

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Podcast: Future Focused Leadership

How does being forward focused differ from future focused? What is the difference in plans for improvement and plans for change? When should we be exploring, “How do we get […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Motivating Learners with Future Focus

Studies identify that interventions that influence students’ beliefs about the relevance of school to themselves, their lives, and their society, can impact student academic tenacity and increase student success. Without […]

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