December 2022 - Steve Barkley

Looking Ahead with Words from the Past Year

Each year as the calendar turns from December to January, I take a break from generating a new blog and podcast as I do the other 50 weeks of the […]

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PLCs to Strengthen Teachers’ Professional Learning

A recent white paper, published by Research Partnership for Professional Learning, “Building Better Professional Learning: How to Strengthen Teacher Learning” reinforced the importance of effective professional learning communities. In the […]

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Podcast: Ongoing Coaching for Instructional Coaches, Teacher Leaders, & Administrators

When leaders leave workshops and return to the “real” world, they often are overwhelmed by tasks, making it difficult to convert what was learned in a program into actions that […]

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Psychological Underpinnings for Coaching Practices (Part 2)

In part 1 of this blog (here), I explored how the psychological theories or frameworks of person-centered, solution focused, and self-efficacy connect with my study and practice of coaching. Coaching […]

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Podcast: Supervision/Coaching Confusion

Some teacher leaders and administrators have job descriptions that include what I would call elements of coaching and elements of supervision. In an effort to be efficient, these leaders sometimes […]

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Podcast: Switching Students’ Focus From Grades to Learning

Many teachers get frustrated with students’ questions such as, “Does this count in my grade?” or “What can I do for extra credit?” Middle school math teacher, Crystal Frommert, shares […]

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