October 2022 - Steve Barkley

Fidelity – Trust the Program

I am currently supporting school leaders in a district that has implemented new curriculum programs for both ELA and Math. The programs impact both “what is being taught” and “how […]

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Podcast – Strengthening Teacher Professional Learning: PLC’s and Coaching

A paper from the Research Partnership for Professional Learning identifies the “what and how” from studies exploring teacher learning impacting student learning. The findings around teacher collaboration and coaching point […]

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Podcast for Parents – Supporting Learning From Experiences: Briefing and Debriefing

Parents and caregivers can increase the learning that young children and adolescents gain from their “life” experiences by using briefing and debriefing reflection conversations. These reflections can generate conscious implementation […]

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What do students learn from school and classroom management practices?

Watching a video presentation by Dr. Carla Shalaby, I was introduced to the concept of a classroom management curriculum. Dr. Shalaby is the coordinator of social justice initiatives and community […]

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Podcast: Collaboration to Support Multilingual Learners

Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld and Dr. Maria Dove, the co-editors of “Portraits of Collaboration: Educators Working Together to Support Multilingual Learners,” explore questions around teacher collaboration for planning, teaching, and assessing […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Why Sports Are Good for Kids & What We Can Learn From Sports

Writer and cross country coach, Linda Flanagan, shares research and common sense findings about the many benefits kids can gain involvement in sports. As the author of “Take Back the […]

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