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Podcast: Assessment in an Inquiry Focused Classroom

Trevor MacKenzie, the author of “Inquiry Mindset Assessment Edition,” describes the incongruity that can exist in some classrooms between co-designed inquiry learning activities and teacher-controlled assessment activities. How do we […]

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Podcast: Co-creating a Vibe! – Part 3: Strengthening Creativity Over the Short & Long Haul ( Forward Momentum & Key Takeaways)

This is the last episode of a three part series for parents and kids around nurturing creativity with Dr. Joanne Foster. She describes capital and lower case (C/c)reativity. She reinforces […]

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Reminder: Teach Students the Learning Production Behaviors

When I am discussing backwards planning and stressing that students cause student learning outcomes through the execution of student learning production behaviors, I reinforce that we need to assess if […]

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Podcast: Revisiting Curiosity in Coaching

“Making the first 2-3 minutes of a conversation curiosity-based will change your conversations.” -Michael Bungay Stainer. How does your natural curiosity about teaching, learning and leading guide your coaching? How […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Teaching Students to Use Think Time

As teachers, we learn to consciously add a pause after our questions and after students’ responses to increase student thinking. We can increase the thinking students do by teaching and […]

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Leaders, Coaches, and Teachers Working the Improvement Plan

Most school administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders have spent time in the previous weeks creating school improvement goals and a set of action steps to reach those goals. Frequently […]

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