September 2022 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Building PLC (Team) Effectiveness

Two teachers with experience as members of a high functioning team share some of the processes that were implemented as their team developed and now focuses on continued development. They […]

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Podcast for Parents: Why Are Schools Exploring Student Agency & Inquiry?

Parent, teacher, and inquiry consultant to schools, Trevor MacKenzie, provides definitions for and explanations of why student agency and inquiry are increasingly becoming a focus for schools. Trevor connects these […]

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Listening and Questioning for Facilitating Reflection

School leaders and instructional coaches can support teacher reflection that promotes teacher learning. Listening and questioning are key facilitation skills that generate reflection that promotes insights and learning. As I […]

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Podcast: Confidence and Humility – Support Continuous Growth

Our “coachability” increases as we develop confident humility. Coaching leaders should be models of confident humility – continuously presenting themselves as learners. Continuous teacher growth requires teachers to be vulnerable […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Quality Learning From Agency and Motivation

“Focusing on autonomy, mastery, and purpose helps my classroom be a place where both my students and I want to be. And that makes all the difference.” reported Mary Davenport, […]

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What’s the Impact of Best Practice

Can a focus on best practice be a problem? Adam Grant, the author of Think Again, while speaking to business entrepreneurs suggested, “It’s time to rethink best practices.” He states […]

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