August 2022 - Steve Barkley

Podcast for Parents: Co-creating a Vibe! – Part 2: Nurturing Creativity Everyday (What Matters Most?)

This is the second part of a three part series for parents and kids around nurturing creativity with Dr. Joanne Foster. Find out why we sometimes struggle with creativity and […]

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Cultivate Active Listening…Through Notetaking!

Guest Blogger: Liza Garonzik I had the opportunity to record two podcasts with Liza Garonzik, the founder of R.E.A.L. Discussions. She provided great strategies around how we can have students […]

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Podcast: Coaching the Curriculum of Classroom Management

Students are watching and interpreting each move and decision we make.  So in effect, our classroom management approach is a curriculum. “What are students learning from your classroom management?” is […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Exploring Classroom Freedoms and Responsibilities

How are you purposefully planning for shaping the learning environment with your students? How much focus will be placed on having control vs how much focus will be on generating […]

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Generating Long Term Increased Learning

I found this diagram in a white paper from NWEA, titled From Survive to Thrive: Why partnership is an Essential for School Improvement. Citing a research study from the Annenberg […]

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Podcast: Experiences Precede Buy-in

While buy-in is necessary for long term implementation of instructional practices that impact student learning, it occurs later in the process not early on.  Especially for experienced teachers, it’s only […]

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