July 2022 - Steve Barkley

Coaches: Remember the change sequence

I was recently at an instructional coaches’ conference where a presenter put the following on a power point and asked the participants, collaborating with a standing partner, to put the […]

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Podcast: Healthy Relationships Between the Instructional Coach and the Principal

Lindsay Deacon, a co-author of “The Educoach Survival Guide,” explores the relationship elements of coaching. How do the coach and the principal build a trusting relationship? How do coach and […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Plan Now for an Opening “Wow” to Tap Students’ Emotions

Emotions and learning are inseparable. Positive emotions generated as students and teachers begin their shared learning experiences can shape the learning days that follow. Steve shares how “wow” experiences can […]

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Acknowledging Discomfort as an Element of Growth

I recently posted an earlier blog I had written about being comfortable with discomfort on LinkedIn using this lead-in statement: I find it intriguing that teachers recognize that discomfort is […]

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Podcast: Focus Teaching and Coaching on People – Not Averages

As teachers assess students’ current levels of skills and knowledge, planning ahead with acceleration rather than remediation is critical. Understanding learners is key and you cannot understand individuals while focusing […]

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Podcast for Parents: Future Thinking – Yours and Theirs

Parent, educator, and technology futurist, Frances Valintine, provides insights for parents concerning our role in supporting children to develop an ongoing confidence and passion as learner. What should a parent […]

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