June 2022 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Student Voices Increase Equity

The listening principal, Dr. Kambar Khoshaba, shares how student voices impacted leadership and staff as well as the students themselves, all leading to increased equity. Hear how equity in middle […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Teaching, Learning & Technology

Educator and technology futurist, Frances Valintine, describes teachers creating and facilitating learning opportunities that tap learner passion and agency. How does technology create new and empowering ways for teachers to […]

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What learning are you proud of?

I follow Allison Rodman, the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of The Learning Loop on LinkedIn. Allie recently shared a piece titled, What’s Posted on Your Refrigerator? She identified that […]

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Podcast – Instructional Coaching: Relationships, Data, Action

Natalie Ulloa, a secondary instructional coach with a background in instructional design and Steven Baule, a professor in the Leadership Education Department at Winona State University, discuss coach and principal […]

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Podcast for Parents: When Your Teenager or Pre-Schooler Can’t Get Started on a Task

Deborah Farmer Kris, child development expert and author, shares the Pomodoro Technique and how parents can use it to assist learners in starting a task. Lowering anxiety and decreasing what, […]

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Learning Through Learning Walks

Guest Blog: Tracy Fasick I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy and the staff at Manheim Central School District over the past five years. When I read her […]

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