April 2022 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Real Discussions

What are you finding when you observe discussions in classrooms? Are teachers hearing all students’ voices? Are students’ voices being heard by classmates? What would a student survey tell us? […]

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Podcast for Parents: Learning About the Teen Brain

Tara Brown, who has been called the “Teen Whisperer,” shares what we know about the teen brain and how that knowledge can support parents in understanding teen needs.  She describes […]

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Visibly Random Groups for Student-to-Student Interaction

“We need to ensure that classrooms are filled with dialogue and not a monologue.” That statement appears in Grades K-12 Rebound (Fisher, Frey, Smith, Hattie) in the chapter on “recovering […]

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Podcast: Bringing Parents Into the Math Success Equation

When parents were interviewed about math instruction in school, the four most frequent words that arose were intimidated, frustrated, worried, and confused. The author who conducted those interviews, Dr. Hilary […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Creating Belonging in Class Discussions

Students have shared that discussion time is scarier than taking a test. How do we create classrooms where students report that during discussions they feel confident to ask a question, […]

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Coaching to Get Great at Something

I listened to a Ted Talk by Atul Gawande titled, Want to get great at something? Get a coach. There were some powerful statements that I decided to highlight here […]

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