March 2022 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Focus On People Rather Than Subjects

What do we see and hear in a school when people are the focus rather than subjects? Why is now a critical time for a people focus? Leaders need to […]

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Podcast for Teachers – Deciding: I Do, We Do, You Do or You Do, We Do, I Do?

Why is the gradual release of responsibility model a strong instructional strategy at times for certain learning outcomes and particular students? How can the model negatively impact certain learning outcomes […]

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Professional Learning Conversations

I focused on the phrase “professional learning conversations” while reading an article by Dr. Kristine Needham titled 5 Conversations for Professional Growth. She explores the terms ‘professional conversations’, ‘learning conversations’, […]

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Podcast: Engaging Teachers in Labsite Learning

Labsite Learning responds to teachers’ requests for professional learning that is collaborative, relevant to their specific students, allows for quick application and happens during the school day. Curriculum specialist, Dani […]

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Podcast for Parents: Youngsters Knowing When and How to Effort

How do we decide the value or motivation of an investment of effort? How young do youngsters conduct a cost/benefits assessment of effort? What role can parents and caretakers play […]

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Noise, Grades, and Evaluations

I had another one of those connecting insights moments while on my daily walk, listening to a podcast. I had been in a conversation earlier in the week with a […]

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