February 2022 - Steve Barkley

Teachers’ Expectations of Coaching

I recently posted this statement on Twitter and received more likes and retweets than my posts generally receive: Teachers engaging in peer or instructional coaching isn’t adding to their plates. […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Strategies for Teacher Leaders

Being a teacher leader is a demanding and rewarding role for the professional educator. Michael Iannini, the author of Hidden in Plain Sight: Realizing the Full Potential of Middle Leaders, […]

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Podcast: Jim Knight’s Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching

Jim Knight joins Steve to highlight the seven factors for success in his most recent book on instructional coaching. Jim and Steve’s coaching experiences over the past two plus decades […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Can I Do Less Grading?

Questions around the role and value of grading have been debated among teachers, administrators, parents and students for many years. In this podcast, Steve explores some of these questions and […]

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Leadership that Models the Model

In my backwards planning model, I build backwards from desired students’ outcomes to student learning production behaviors, to teacher behaviors, to collegial supports to leadership behaviors. In many ways, leaders […]

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Podcast: Building Collective Efficacy

“A culture of collective efficacy does not simply happen; it is built intentionally.” Sarah Sugarman, from Lead by Learning, identifies leadership actions that support the building of teachers’ belief that […]

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