October 2021 - Steve Barkley

A Job Description for Instructional Coaches?

I have frequently struggled when reviewing the job descriptions for instructional coaches. Many are written at the district level while the real work of the instructional coach should be focused […]

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Podcast: Real Work = Real Learning at School

Students at McDowell High School in Millcreek Township School District, PA, run all aspects of this manufacturing business producing parts for companies near and far. Teacher/Advisor, Kyle Bucholtz, and several […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Exploring an Engagement Matrix

Steve explores moving students from being non-compliant to compliant and from compliant to interested with educator and author Heather Lyon. They explore the role of relationships, consequences, and students’ interests […]

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Teacher Leaders/Middle Level Leadership

Middle level leader is a term frequently applied to teacher leaders who assume roles like team leader, PLC facilitator, department head, or a specific curriculum area leader such as math […]

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Podcast: Coaching in Response to a Teacher’s Concern or Problem

It’s common for coaches to be pulled into quick problem solving when teachers share a problem or concern. There is much to be gained by coaching slow initially, to seek […]

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Podcast for Parents: Parents Encouraging Deeper Learning

Deeper learning increases the likelihood that learners can transfer their learning to new settings and problems.  Too often, “getting schoolwork done” stops learners at surface learning.  How can parents support […]

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