September 2021 - Steve Barkley

Podcast: Coaching to Build Staff Relationships and Teams

Increasing collegiality among staff and building teams with shared responsibility for student achievement are keys to a school’s success. Does your leadership team have a shared understanding of what increased […]

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Podcast for Teachers: Gaining Autonomy, Belonging, and Competency Through Coaching

How does a teacher gain a maximum positive impact on student learning through partnering with an instructional coach? Kathy Perret and Kenny McKee join the podcast to share insights from […]

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Facilitating the End of Meetings

Elizabeth Doty writing on the website, Strategy + Business, explored the need to end meetings with clear decisions and shared commitments. She writes, “I have argued that leaders need to […]

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Podcast: The Value of Data Team Meetings

Data team meeting are commonly on the schedules of PLCs, instructional coaches, and administrators. The question that needs to be continually explored is the degree to which this investment in […]

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Podcast for Parents: Supporting Risk-Taking

Risk-taking is an important element of learning. Risking and succeeding and risking and failing can both produce new learning and confidence. How do caregivers balance between free-range and helicopter parenting? […]

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Valuing the Complexity of Teaching, Learning, and Coaching

Across the years as I worked as a trainer, staff developer, and coach to teachers and administrators I have pointed to the need to support educators by making complex things […]

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